You haven’t even had to think about your phone system. Avaya just announced extraordinary cloud and on-premise deals for phones, licenses, tools, and services that you should check out today!

The Situation

Has Changed

Your Avaya or Nortel CS1000 has provided great communications features and reliability for years, but things have changed a lot – which is good news for you. Now is the time to evolve to the latest Avaya unified communications and omnichannel contact center solutions with our outstanding Loyalty2gether upgrade deal available now!

Here's What You

Need to Know

The Avaya CS1000 system has operated quite well over the years. For millions of people, in fact. But changes have occurred and your system must be upgraded, and we’ll be happy to explain why.

We’ve reached a point in the technology curve where you need to select an Avaya upgrade path before falling further behind.

Your CS1000 is immediately eligible for our Loyalty2gether program which helps you upgrade faster, easier, and at far less cost.


Better Results

The silver lining is that Avaya has an even better communications system, ready to be swapped into your offices and facilities without much disruption at all.

A system that will work even better for your business for years to come. In fact, our options are designed to deliver improved capability that will better position your organization for growth and stability.

All at prices, that frankly, our competition can’t really match. Certainly, you’ll have to make a decision shortly. But we’ll present all your best options in simple terms.

Here's Your

Next Step

Maximize the value of your existing investments with Avaya.

We’ll help you upgrade to the communication solution that best serves your business — now and into the future.

Loyalty2gether offers our most aggressive upgrade promotion ever, so don’t miss out!

It’s important not to delay. Contact us right away to make sure this upgrade is tailored to your business needs – and is scheduled soon!


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